Love people. Raise hope.

Bless the City.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that will inspire hope, joy, purpose, community, and connection? Come explore SHINE! All profits go to help single moms lead their families in wholeness, confidence, courage, and joy.


There are 3 easy ways to SHINE

  • Come get a cup of coffee and be delighted by surprises you’ll discover

  • Plan to tour the Interactive Art Installation with your family or friends

  • Bring your smile to snap pics in one of our many pose-ready spaces

No matter which you choose, Shine makes your experience even better because all profits raised helps single moms lead their families with confidence and joy. That’s the beauty and the joy behind it all. Shine is many people coming together around one shared mission: Love People. Raise Hope. Bless the City.

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Shine Interactive

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Shine Coffee & Gathering

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Shine with us

You Were Made For More


Shine helps you rediscover your joy and helps remind you that life is good. No judgement, no comparisons. Step into a place that helps you remember and celebrate good things in life.

You have something that no one else does, so let us help YOU shine!

Whether you get your morning coffee or bring your family for the experience, life is better, for you AND for others, because you came.

Shop, sip, snap or gather at Shine, and you empower a family led by a single mom.

Want to know more about the programs we support? Click on our “About” page to get the scoop.

About us

SHINE With Us!


Shine isn’t a location. It’s what you do when you decide to embrace that you are loved and that you are created to love others.

There are many ways to support our mission. We invite you to SHINE With Us!

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